Before and After School Care Enrollment Process

For Western and Hanover-Horton Schools

For Infant/Toddler, Preschool and EJ/Michigan Center latchkey please call 517-888-5155  Do not fill out the form below. 

Step 1. Complete the Enrollment Form – this will hold your child’s spot in the program
Step 2. Print the attached forms
Step 3. Return the attached forms to am.earlyimpressions@gmail.com or drop them off to the center during normal business hours
Step 4. Make the $25 registration fee (for new students only) and first week’s payment via check or money order made out to Early Impressions. (online payment system coming soon.)


That’s it! You’re done! We’ll see you soon. 

Check the box for your school district

 Western Hanover-Horton

Attach your filled out forms or drop them off to the center during normal business hours.

Input this code: captcha

Child Care Contract

Please download and fill out the Child Care Contract.

School-Aged Child Health Statement

Please fill out the School-Aged Child Health Statement completely, sign, and return.

Child Information Record

Please fill out the Child Information Record completely, if something does not apply, please put “NA” do not leave anything blank.

Parent Notification of Licensing Notebook

Please read through this form and sign the stating document that you have been notified of our Licensing Notebook.